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Nicaragua Spanish Language Schools offers a comprehensive Spanish-language learning experience at any one or more of our locations in Nicaragua.

Note from the staff/Mission Statement

The NSLS Schools were founded in 2010 by Carlos Cruz, originally from Nicaragua, and Lyndon W. Stinson, an American citizen from Minnesota. The program was designed with an American-style orientation, where NSLS emphasizes efficiency, punctuality, and service quality. This philosophy has been fundamental to NSLS's growth and reputation.

Lyndon, passionate about Latin America and a business specialist, previously founded the Viva Spanish School in Managua, Nicaragua, in 2006. Since his first visit to the country in 2005, he was captivated by the warmth of its people and the rich Nicaraguan culture. Such was his charm that he decided to settle in Ticuantepe, Managua, establish the Viva Spanish School, and later launch the multi-city program NSLS & Cia. LTD. Business Registration Number: J0910000257903.

Carlos, on the other hand, is a Computer Engineer with a specialization in E-marketing. He has collaborated in the creation and promotion of language school projects, such as the GSL Spanish School at the Red Cross in Granada (2004-2008), the Ave Nicaraguita Spanish School in Granada's Central Park (2005-2015), and the SOL Spanish School, which remains active. Carlos firmly believed that NSLS would represent an invaluable opportunity for Nicaraguans linked to the program, including teachers, host families, transporters, and dance instructors, to share both the teaching of the language and the culture and tourist destinations of Nicaragua.

During 2018-2019, exacerbated by the pandemic in 2020, tourism in Nicaragua experienced a drastic reduction. This led NSLS to pause its operations from 2021 until the end of 2022, offering only online class programs.

At the beginning of 2023, with the revival of tourism in Nicaragua, Lyndon and Carlos chose to reopen NSLS. However, on this occasion, they entrusted the operational management to the local team, led by Carlos Cruz and coordinated by Edgelina, David, Verónica, Mayela, and Mariel. This enabled the resumption of programs in six different Nicaraguan locations. It is vital to highlight that our team in these cities has over 12 years of experience, ensuring top-tier education. Our program and staff are a source of deep pride. "Nicaragua has been and is a country of miracles." With this vision, NSLS invites everyone to explore the wonders of this nation.

NSLS Mission Statement:

Nicaragua Spanish Language Schools is committed to making the process of arranging, studying and learning to speak and understand the Spanish language an easy one. We are strongly committed to using the latest best practices with regard to language teaching. We are also committed to doing good work in Nicaragua and making a positive impact on the community as a whole. We currently employ or contribute to the employment of over 40 people between all of the school sites and we believe that we can do better. Lastly, we are committed to donating sufficient resources to help other organizations to make a positive impact in Nicaragua.

We want you to know that we are here and ready to help to make your studying experience the best that it can be!