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Rural sustainable development program

(4 weeks commitment with no exception)

Description: On the slopes of Mombacho volcano there are nine farming cooperatives, made up of local farmers (campesinos). The cooperatives are ground-based organizations with a large and rich experience with traditional ways of doing things. Campesinos are struggling to keep sustainable development in this vast natural reserve. Children and young people participate on many daily activities.

Main actitivities at the Rural Program:
-sharing experience and working techniques while helping at the farm with survival tasks such as farming, milking, feeding animals
-sharing ways of life and culture while helping community children with homework (ie. English, Math). Some parents are illiterate and are unable to help their own children to learn, and do not encourage chool attendance, so any help on-location is greatly appreciated. br> -sharing time for fun and exploration of the area. Helping to increase visibility, nationally and internationally, about problems with the preservation of the natural resources while working on community survival.

Physical therapy and occupational therapy

(4-week commitment with no exception)

Description: A local clinic in Granada, Nicaragua with a special interest in rehabilitating people with physical disabilities. The clinic is looking for physical therapy students and graduated volunteers wanting to help people with several types of physical limitations. Requirements: students of physical therapy, studying final year of program, graduate students and professionals with experience are all welcome.

Main actitivities at the Physical Therapy Program:
– direct care to patients under supervision of our local staff
– physical therapy sessions for children at special education school
– physical therapy sessions at nursing homes
– share experience with the Center for Physical Health

Social Integration Project

(4-week commitment with no exception)

Description: A local shelter house, located in Granada, Nicaragua, is dedicated to providing treatment to affected people, particularly young people, by drug abuse. The shelter house in Granada has 16 young men enrolled in rehabilitation. This program is innovative and has proved successful for about 5 years already with a multi-stage treatment approach. The program is centered on improving individual self-esteem, building autonomy, and skills for life. There is a support group approach as well. The program expects to receive volunteers from a range of professions related to social work and psychology.

Main actitivities at the Social Integration Project:
– learn and share about the multi-stage approach of the shelter
– Participate in individual sessions and group support sessions
– Participate in fundraising activities
– Volunteers can do sports and physical activities, crafts, music or dancing, as long as these activities are part of an individual social integration program.
– Volunteer will help the current organization’s needs, and accompany organization leaders in the process of looking for resources to improve/expand the work. This may include visiting both governmental and non-governmental agencies, asking for information on ways to get further assistance on a specific need.

Volunteer in The Preschool

(1 to 4 week commitment)

Description: The Preschool was founded in 1980 to provide initial schooling to children living in one of the most underprivileged neighborhoods in Granada, Nicaragua. The center serves an impressive 40 to 60 children at any given time, giving the mothers of the preschool students time to work and study. Community leaders run the preschool, which receives some support from the local government and private donations.

Main activities at the Preschool:
- Assisting with schoolwork: English, Spanish, Mathematics, Computer Science, etc.
- Teaching preschool classes.
- Engaging in educational and entertainment activities: Dancing, playing with children, and watching a selection of movies.
- Participating in artistic activities: Guitar, Choir, Scout, Drums, Flute.
- Exploring vocational skills: Craft, Jewelry, Beauty, Pastry, Piñata, tailoring, Cooking.

Volunteer in The Elementary School

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(4 to 8 week commitment)

Description: The Elementary School, located in the heart of Granada, is dedicated to providing quality education to children in the community. It serves as a crucial institution in shaping the future of these young minds, fostering a love for learning and community engagement.

Main activities at the Elementary School:
- Assisting teachers in the classroom with various subjects: Math, Science, English, etc.
- Organizing and participating in extracurricular activities such as sports, art, and music.
- Tutoring students who need additional support in their studies.
- Assisting with administrative tasks and school events.
- Contributing to the school's maintenance and beautification projects.

Volunteer in The High School


(8 to 12 week commitment)

Description: The High School in Granada is a vital institution that prepares students for higher education and future careers. It plays a significant role in shaping the academic and personal development of the youth, equipping them with essential skills for success.

Main activities at the High School:
- Mentoring and tutoring students in various subjects, especially in preparation for college entrance exams.
- Assisting teachers with classroom instruction and projects.
- Organizing and participating in career guidance workshops and seminars.
- Collaborating on school clubs and extracurricular activities.
- Supporting students in developing leadership and communication skills.
- Assisting with school events, fundraisers, and community outreach programs.


Placement Fee
US $100/1 time
4 Weeks
US $1,240/p.p.
3 Weeks
US $954/p.p.
2 Weeks
US $638/p.p.
1 Week
US $318/p.p.

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