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Spanish school in Rivas Nicaragua

  • Introducing

    At the Nicaragua Spanish Language Schools Rivas location, we have 6 Spanish teachers who are friendly, professional, responsible and respectful with the students and are always ready to help with all your questions. We work a lot with beginner students and have staff that speak basic English as a bridge language. One of the great benefits to studying in Rivas is the location. We are close to San Juan Del Sur, Isla Ometepe and close to Costa Rica if you want to take an overnight trip

    Our location in Rivas is an advantage for the students because everyone speaks Spanish. This means that you will get an experience of total language and cultural immersion. Here you can see everyday the way we live, our local traditions, our cuisine, and above all, you can practice Spanish with people who are thrilled to meet foreigners and work with you on your Spanish.

  • About Rivas Nicaragua

    Rivas enjoys a strategic geographical position. Its urban area is an example of the historical and cultural heritage of the nation. It still retains its old center, which also is a colonial church, has four parks, a museum of anthropology and history and beautiful beaches in the Nicaragua Lake and famous for surfers, people sunbathing, games and relaxation on Pacific Ocean water around the borders of Rivas.
  • Other things to do in Rivas city

    Beaches at San Jorge (Lake Nicaragua)
    Virgen beach (Lake Nicaragua)
    the Don Juan farm for manufacturing cocoa, liquor
    Walking around the city
    Visits to giant beach
    Cultural evenings
    Horse carriage rides
    Canopy (zip-line) and rappel
    Visits to the island of Ometepe
    Cooking classes and dancing
    Visits to the international University agriculture
    Visits to the museum of anthropology and history.