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Pricelist for Transportation

We can set up your transportation to and from the airport as well as between schools if you are doing one our program locations or a combination of cities. See the price of transportation on the prices page.

Public transportation is cheap and plentiful in Nicaragua. There are buses running almost all of the time between cities and there is great taxi service in Managua. For those who desire, you can also rent a car at the Managua airport from one of the major agencies like Budget or Avis.

Available routes:
AIR-GRA : Managua Airport to Granada
AIR-SJDS: Managua Airport to San Juan del Sur
AIR-RIV: Managua Airport to Rivas
AIR-LEO: Managua Airport to Leon
AIR-EST: Managua Airport to Esteli
AIR-MGA: Managua Airport to Managua
GRA-SJDS: Granada to San Juan del Sur

US $119/1 way
US $129/1 way
$65/1 way
US $149/1 way
US $109/1 way
US $69/1 way

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