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To help us determine your level, please translate into Spanish as many of the sentences as you can. Copy and paste the text into an email to and write your translation below each sentence. If you cannot translate a sentence write the number but leave the answer blank. If you cannot translate an element, please mark it with. – Do not use a dictionary or grammar book at this point.

Good Luck

1. What is Pedro like?
2. It’s three-thirty in the afternoon
3. He is a happy type of person
4. She is sad because she has nowhere to go.
5. I run every morning at 6am with my dog
6. New York is a large city
7. Jerry Yokinger is a great man.
8. I know Jorge
9. This gift is for my best friend
10. I can´t see because of the people
11. The homework is for Monday
12. I’m going to go to Paris tomorrow
13. I can help with the homework
14. Why do you say that?
15. We close the door
16. He never showers at night
17. They get dressed early
18. I sat down in the biggest chair
19. We felt sad when we heard the news
20. He went to Paris yesterday
21. I paid the bill
22. They wanted to go to the party but they couldn’t
23. What time do you get up in the morning?
24. I’m afraid of dying
25. Do you like playing football?
26. I like big cats
27. He likes my new television
28. It looks dangerous
29. You’re ill. Take aspirin (informal)
30. Give me the salt, please (formal)
31. Give me that radio (informal)
32. I help him with his homework every day
33. I saw her yesterday in the bank
34. They were cleaning the kitchen when Maria came in
35. I used to walk to school
36. They loved each other so much
37. I did it to avoid problems
38. We will go by plane
39. I used to walk through the park
40. I’m nervous because of the interview
41. I have a book for her son
42. I had finished arranging the flowers when he arrived
43. Peter has had several bad experiences
44. Do you want me to help you with your suitcases?
45. The teacher wants to read a Spanish newspaper
46. I don’t want us to miss the plane
47. It’s a shame we don’t have more vacation this year
48. I don’t doubt it’s the truth
49. I don’t believe they’re students
50. I’m so glad you have come
51. I’m looking for a Spanish teacher who speaks English
52. I know the Spanish teacher who speaks English
53. If I go to Mexico, I will visit you
54. If I were a bird I would eat worms
55. If I had arrived earlier, I wouldn’t have missed the party
56. If they hadn’t told him the truth, he never would have known
57. I would go to the concert with you, but it’s very expensive.
58. My daughter would help me if she weren’t so busy
59. I’m very sorry. I dropped your glass.
60. Mario lost his glasses
61. We lost all the money
62. I forgot all about it!
63. I have been to the doctor five times this week
64. I had already sung the song twice, but they wanted me to do it gain
65. We have always been that way