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Intensive Spanish course: 20 hours of Spanish training per week

The Intensive Spanish Language Program consists of four hours per day, either from 8-12 each morning or 1-5 PM. There is a two-hour block of grammar, a two-hour block of conversation, with a change of teachers in-between to help you adapt to different accents and manners of speaking the language. Classes are on-to-one with your teacher. Your materials will be provided in the cost of the classes.

From one week to several months, we can arrange classes for you at any of our locations or various different locations if you prefer to do an adventure. Just ask and we will set it up. Whether you just want to do a week in Managua or you want to study in five different cities, just let us know your desires and we will try to make it work. Please check our program locations section to know more about the places where you can take our Intensive Spanish course. We also recommend that you take a few online classes to get warmed up before you come!

US $219/week
US $249/week
US $239/week
US $235/week
US $200/week
US $259/week

ACTIVITIES: Local activities are available in most locations for a modest additional cost, to know more just ask!