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Learn Spanish in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is one of the largest but fairly less populated Central American countries. With Managua as its Capital, Republic of Nicaragua has English and Spanish as main languages. Honduras borders Nicaragua’s North, Costa Rica on the South, Pacific Ocean borders the West and Caribbean Sea borders its East. It is larger than the State of New York and has mountains and lush valleys, two large lakes, Tipitapa River, etc. It is located along the Pacific Coast that is known for both its fertility and volcanic activity.


The best way to learn any foreign language is to preferably hit the native country and take classes with the locals, learning it along with their culture. With Spanish as one of the main languages and most natives being fluent in Spanish, it is no wonder many head here for learning Spanish. If you want to Learn Spanish in Nicaragua, you must know though a cheap nation, Nicaragua is safe and you could get good lodging along with 20 hours of classroom education, field trips and activities for $200 and up. If you compare that with Spain, the home of Spanish, it would cost $500 and up.

Depending on the school you choose, the lodging and activities and even the sessions and durations may vary. But when you Learn Spanish in Nicaragua, you get the whole Espanol experience complete with field trips and exposure to Spanish culture, without the hefty costs of Spain. The schools here are flexible and offer one-on-one tutoring and tailor the course material according to your knowledge or requirement. This can be extremely good, if you don’t even know to ask someone’s name in Spanish.

Many prefer to Learn Spanish in Nicaragua because the costs are fairly cheap, but the quality of education is high and one can learn Spanish in their own speed. Depending on your preference, you can pick a location and choose schools around that area. The reputed NSLS Spanish Schools are located in six cities across Nicaragua.

Granada is one of the most populous cities in Nicaragua and is an important political, economic and cultural center. It boasts a rich colonial heritage and is first European city in America’s mainland that was also listed in the official records of Kingdom of Castile in Spain. Want an experience closer to Spain? Hit Granada to Learn Spanish in Nicaragua. Week-4-Weekend-Matagalpa-Esteli-Logartillo-106

If highlands surrounded by lush greenery and mountains are your cup of tea, Estelí, which is also the third largest city in Nicaragua and a commercial center, should be your pick. The climate is pleasant all through the year and the scenic beauty of this city is captivating.

San Juan del Sur is a coastal town and a major tourist location and if you love the coastline, Sun Juan del Sur should be your pick. Managua the capital city of Nicaragua, Rivas or even Leon are other cities you can consider if you want to Learn Spanish in Nicaragua. These six locations have top schools and the best tutors for learning Spanish, who will get you speaking Spanish like a native.