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‘Haber’: Now There’s a Verb!

Haber is one of the more unusual verbs in Spanish. It may be the only verb that has a conjugation that varies with its meaning in a sentence. It is used primarily as an auxiliary verb (a verb used in conjunction with other verbs), but it can stand alone as a verb that does little...
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Impersonal Verb

Definition: A verb that expresses the action of an unspecified, generally meaningless subject. In its narrowest sense, an impersonal verb can have no subject. In English, only one such verb — “methinks” — remains in use, and then only in literature or for effect....
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Statements of Necessity

If you have to say there’s something you have to do or that has to be done, here’s how you can do it in Spanish. Tener Que Perhaps the most common way of saying “to have to” in Spanish istener que followed by an infinitive. Tengo que pagar impuestos. (I...
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