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Intensive Spanish
Four hours of complete Spanish immersion classes, Monday through Friday, mornings or afternoons
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Semi-intensive Spanish
Two hours of complete Spanish immersion classes, Monday through Friday, in two-hour blocks
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Online Spanish
Live, on-line Spanish classes anywhere you have broadband internet!
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Home/Office Spanish
We offer home and office classes in Managua (only). If you would like, we can send out one of our teachers to your location
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Learn Spanish and travel around Nicaragua Spanish Schools

Nicaragua Spanish Language Schools (NSLS Schools) has SIX locations throughout Nicaragua. American owned and operated, we offer one of Latin America’s best values and most comprehensive Spanish-language immersion programs. We offer a great Spanish-language immersion program for those visiting, living or working in Nicaragua. Whether you want to take a few classes at one location, take a few weeks over three or four of our locations, or if you will be living and working in Nicaragua and will want extended classes, we are here to make your experience an easy one.

Whether you just want classes or if you decide to do the full program, we will meet you at the airport, take you to your school and/or homestay, confirm your plans, take care of payment (credit card or cash if not already paid through PayPal) and then you will head to your school early the first morning to start your immersion program that same day! You can start and end on any day of the week.

Nicaragua Spanish Language Schools is at the forefront of global payment trends, embracing cutting-edge technologies like cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Axie Infinity. Here is a comprehensive list of our available payment methods:

Bitcoin & Ethereum accepted
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About Nicaragua

"The land of lakes and volcanoes", Nicaragua is one of the safest and most hospitable countries in all of Latin America in which to travel and learn Spanish.

Nicaragua is a beautiful and diverse country, largely natural and unspoiled, with wonderful people and a fascinating place in history. Roughly the size of the U.S. state of New York, Nicaragua has a greatly varying geography and climate, from the cool mountains in the north, to the hot and humid central lowlands, to the breezy beaches on the pacific coast as well as the marshy lowlands of the Atlantic coast.

NSLS Schools are located in key areas of Nicaragua that allow our students access to the various social and natural environments in the pueblos, cities, countryside, lakes and beaches on the Spanish-speaking western half of the country. Because Nicaragua is relatively unspoiled by over-tourism, you can visit many interesting places without fighting crowds and can still be done on a shoestring budget!.

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